“I was part of a small group with Nicole. I have experienced a fair amount of Yoga and even write about it. She was the clearest, sensitive, and caring teacher I have experienced. I particularly recall the way she gently helped an older woman recovering from shoulder surgery raise her arms above her head the first time. Nicole radiates charm, joy, and confidence.”

 Allen Ivey, EdD, ABPP

Board Certified in Counseling Psychology

Distinguished University Professor (Emeritus)

University of Massachusetts, Amherst

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Complimentary 30 minute Consultation 

John and Kathy 

“In just 4 weeks, my wife and I have each lost 10% or more of our body weight. I must share that I am eating foods that I would never, ever consider eating in the past. I can now admit, that sadly in my past, I would easily go two, perhaps even three weeks in a row without eating a single fruit or vegetable.  In my OLD LIFE “I had eaten what I wanted when I wanted – including hot dogs, bacon, steaks, junk food, candy, chips of all types, for the past 50+ years and my body has responded by providing me with 14 different surgeries for hernias, arthritis, tendon repairs and with the need for 3 or 4 additional surgeries required for my neck/spine, a knee replacement and esophageal surgery to repair a hiatal hernia that has caused GERD and tremendous acid reflux; to go along with my daily regiment of 14 medications each and every day…in 2017, my “out of pocket” medical costs (care and medications), was over $20,000…”  I have now hypnotized myself to believe: “for the rest of my life, I am eating to feel better, to live longer, to stop medications and to avoid all of the surgeries that I was scheduled to have. By eating a plant-based diet, getting much more exercise, including Yoga and gaining an education on what foods to eat and how to manage hunger – I am convinced that I will see my grandchildren’s children!

We were so impressed by Nicky that we signed up for twice weekly sessions with her to discuss our diets, to review the benefits of specific foods, to plan for how to prepare for eating at restaurants or when guests at someone’s home, etc.  We also split our sessions in ½ and Nicky taught us Yoga’s benefits and values – and for certain, Yoga has improved our flexibility and enhanced our lives in ways we did not anticipate.

Thank you Nicky…you have helped us discover so many possibilities!”

John and Kathy,  March 17, 2018




Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Complimentary 30 minute consultation 

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