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YOGA: Nicky began practicing yoga in 2009 and was hooked within the first month, not only to the supreme physicality of the practice, but also by its benefits on posture, confidence, and mental alertness/openness. In 2012, she finished her first 200-hour teacher training program through YogaWorks and since has acquired over two thousand hours of teaching experience. She values the contributions that a regular yoga/meditation practice can have on a balanced life, progressively allowing one to attenuate toward inner peace and a sense of renewal. Soon she noticed that her yoga classes were filled with people who wanted to utilize yoga as a therapeutic treatment modality for pain, so she began to study yoga poses for back and neck injuries. Before long, that became her primary interest and, in addition to her own clients, she works with her husband (Dr. Farahvar,a neurosurgeon at Re3 Healing Institute) to provide a bridge for people who want to continue a safe movement practice following surgery and physical therapy. Scroll down if you would like to see a list of group classes taught by Nicky.

PILATES: Because most people with back pain need to strengthen their cores, but are so limited in ways they can move, they need specialized techniques. Nicky finished a Pilates teacher training program with Power Pilates in Elmhurst, Illinois in order to provide Pilates (core body training) to people with special considerations and injuries. 

HEALTH COACHING:   Nicky is a certified health coach with a strong educational background in behavioral change and human motivation. Her postgraduate training is in clinical and educational psychology. After attaining two Master’s of Science degrees, she spent four years in psychology research laboratories investigating how to systematically help people learn to overcome adversities and grow in the direction of their healthiest potential. She attributes her love of health and nutrition to the influence of her grandfather, who was a raw food enthusiast. She has been a vegetarian for 25+ years. She enjoys learning about and sharing plant-based ideas with others. 



500 Hours of Training Level Yoga Instructor

Ashtanga Primary Series

Prenatal Yoga

Pilates Mat Level 1 & 2

Holistic Health & Nutrition Coaching

Body Rolling, Myofascial Release





Certifications and Teaching Experiences:


300 Hour Yoga Instructor Certification               12.08.2018 Healsci Yoga, Sarasota, FL

Pilates Mat Level 1 & 2 Certification                     3.17.2016  Power Pilates, Elmhurst, IL

Prenatal Yoga Certification                                    11.15.2014   Bloom Yoga, Tampa, FL

Ashtanga Primary Series Training (35hr)           4.15.2014  Amara Yoga, Urbana, IL

Holistic Health Coach                                                6.01.2013  Health Coach Institute

200 Hour Yoga Instructor Certification               7.29.2012 Yoga Works Urbana, IL

Registered Yoga Teacher of the National Yoga Alliance since 2013


Yoga Teaching Experience: over 2000 hours teaching experience

Classes Taught:

Pilates The Sarasota Modern, Sarasota, FL Sarasota, FL 1.07.2019 – Current

Yoga (Special Conditions), Re3 Healing, Sarasota, FL 12.01.2017 – 12.01.2018

Power Yoga, Body Dynamix, Sarasota, FL                10.01.2017 – 12.01.2017

Yoga& Pilates, Body Dynamix, Sarasota, FL               10.01.2017 – 12.01.2017

Intro to Ashtanga, Body Dynamix, Sarasota, FL     10.01.2017 – 12.01.2017

Hot Yoga, Body Dynamix, Sarasota, FL                     10.01.2017 – 12.01.2017

Pilates Mat 1, Refinery, Champaign, IL                      4.30.2016 –   8.15.2016

Gentle Yoga, YMCA Champaign, IL                             3.01.2016 –  12.30.2016

Yoga Fundamentals, In home, Champaign, IL.         5.01.2015 –   9.01.2016

Prenatal Yoga, YMCA, Champaign, IL                        4.01.2015 –  12.30.2016

FitnessYoga, Raw Fitness, Champaign, IL                  6.05.2015 –    8.05.2015

Ashtanga Yoga, YMCA, Champaign, IL                         5.01.2014 –  12.15.2014

Yoga for Seniors, Mettler Center, Champaign, IL    5.01.2014 –    8.30.2014

Family Yoga, YMCA, Champaign, IL                            1.01.2013 –  12.15.2014

Hot Yoga, Mettler Center, Champaign, IL                  3.12.2013 –    9.20.2014

Strength Yoga, Amara Studio, Champaign, IL          3.05.2013 –    6.05.2014

Vinyasa Yoga, Amara Studio, Champaign, IL         3.05.2013 –    6.05.2014

Power Yoga, YMCA, Champaign, IL                           10.01.2012 – 12.31.2016

Power Yoga, Refinery Fitness, Champaign, IL         10.01.2012 – 12.31.2016

Classes Assisted:  Children’s Yoga, Amara Yoga & Arts, Urbana, IL  Summer, 2014

Mentorships: 15-hour Mentorship Program, Amara Yoga and Arts, Urbana, IL, 2014

Continuing Education/Workshops/ Conferences:

300 hr Restorative Yoga Teacher Training                           4.28.18-12.15.18

24 hr Myofascial Release/ Bodyrolling                                 1.25. 2018

20 hr Online Anatomy Training, Healsci Yoga                    09.01.2017-09.29.2017

3 hr Bryan Kest Worshop, Sarasota, Florida                       11.19.2017      

3 hr Fluidity, Mobility, and Space, Kandy LovePhD          09.30.2017

15 hr Adjustments Weekend Workshop,Kelsey Bourgois  06.10.2015 – 06.12.2015

35 hr Weeklong Immersion, Ashtanga Yoga                       03.15.2014 – 03.20.2014

15 hr Weekend Immersion, Kino MacGregor                     07.10.2014 – 07.12.2014

15 hr Weekend Immersion, Kathryn Budig                         06.10.2014 – 06.12.2014

3 hr Advanced Arm Balances with Corrie Proska              07.10.2014

3 hr Advanced Inversions with Kelsey Bourgois                 08.10.2014

35 hr Ashtanga Confluence, San Diego, CA                          04.03.2014 – 04.09.2014

3 hr Advanced Inversions, Heather Seagraves                    06.01.2012

3 hr Advanced Backbends, Heather Seagraves                    07.27.2012

Pilates Continuing Education:

2   hr Physioball and Magic Circle, Power Pilates              11.17.2017

1 hr Mat Basics Review, Power Pilates                                11.09.2017

3 hr Special Conditions Mat Class, Power Pilates               12.22.2017


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