Health Coaching and Yoga Instruction with Nicky


Private yoga instructor and health coach living in Sarasota, Florida


who I am…

I am a yoga instructor with a passion for health! True health encompasses many aspects of a person, but it starts with deliberate, sustained attention to caring for one’s physical body.  We all get off track and need support sometimes, especially after an injury, illness, or other life stressors. Once a new habit is formed, un-learning it involves rewiring deeply patterned behaviors and laying down new neural and motor pathways. I am an ally for people who want to change one or more current behaviors, or who want to develop a yoga practice.

what I do…

Though I specialize in teaching yoga to people with spine/back issues, I also provide health coaching.  Deliberate strategies sessions can be combined using yoga and health coaching to bring people back in balance, to eliminate obstacles to success, and to pave the way for optimal functioning. I find ways to tailor my yoga approach to each person and his or her unique anatomy, rather than teach a standard set of sequences designed for someone else.  I look at the whole person and support them to reach their full potential by utilizing the best practices and latest advances in yoga, health psychology, and nutrition. The combination of yoga and health coaching I provide is a powerful method and will ensure lasting change. Read my testimonial page and find out more.

who I serve…

Typically, men and women, in their 50s and wiser, with long-term back/spine conditions. Most of my yoga students are referred to me by local spine surgeons and have complex spine injuries, degenerative spine diseases, or scoliosis. Many others clients come to me because they do not feel that group classes would provide enough attention to detail. Others come to strengthen their cores safely and get their posture back.

what I offer…

Private or Semi-Private Yoga and Pilates Sessions

One-on-One Coaching for Health and Nutrition

 A Small Group Yoga Class for Low Back Pain

benefits of working with me…

  • As an experienced yoga instructor with over 2,000 teaching hours, I provide you with yoga practices aimed at minimizing your pain and maximizing your mobility so that you can regain your zest for life!


  • As a health coach, I utilize principles of human motivation and health psychology to help you make the key changes you need to feel better and lose weight.  I can assist you in creating a delicious food plan that reduces inflammation and allows you to live a fuller and longer life.


  • If you share medical information with me, such as MRI results or x-rays,  I am able to consult directly with a  neurosurgeon (my husband!) to make sure I understand what it is I need to know to work with you. This adds an extra level of assurance to you that I am aware of your condition and its contraindications.


  • Best of all, I do this in private settings, usually my own home, but often clients’ homes, clubhouses, workplaces and offices, beaches, or other agreed upon locations. That also means your appointment times can be suited to fit your busy schedule. This offers you an extra level of privacy, affordability, and convenience.





Nicky providing hands on adjustments for a gentle yoga class
Nicky providing hands-on adjustments for a gentle yoga class
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